Keeping Headlamps Clear

Dull headlamps are a common condition, and they cause reduced visibility on the roadway. Dull lights make vision difficult and reduce visibility to pedestrians and other drivers. Drivers can use DIY headlamp kits or some household tips or cleaning headlights.

Edison drivers can use everyday household items and materials to clean headlamps. 

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What You Know About Motor Oil is Probably Wrong

Motor oil is a necessary part of car maintenance, but you probably have wrong ideas about it. Volvo Cars Edison is here to educate you with a couple of motor oil myth busters.

If you believe a pre-trip oil change is necessary, you believe a myth. Change the oil only if it's time for it or if your normal oil change date occurs during your away trip. 

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Car Alignment: Do You Need One?

In a wheel alignment, your car’s axles and wheels are adjusted to precise angles according to your vehicle’s manufacturer. The type of alignment you receive ultimately depends on the drive train. If you have a front wheel drive car, then you will likely receive a front-end alignment. Otherwise, you will receive an all-wheel adjustment. The alignment helps your suspension work correctly and ensure that your car’s axles and wheels are moving in the same direction.

Do you know if your wheels need an alignment?

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The Volvo XC40 Momentum Helps You Travel with Pride

There are different vehicles that a person might consider if traveling is something that means a lot to them, and you do not want to overlook the Volvo XC40 Momentum if you are looking for a vehicle to take you out of Edison. This is a popular compact SUV that offers you much in way of comfort and style.

Convenience is something that is important to those who created the Volvo XC40 Momentum, and that is why this vehicle sets you up with an easy to use touchscreen. 

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Safety Tips for Avoiding a Tire Blowout

Identifying issues with your car tire tread early enough can lessen the chances of getting a flat tire or blowout on the highway. These are a couple things you'll want to consider.

Your vehicle might have a tire pressure indicator system to tell you if the pressure is off in any or all tires.

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What Should be Packed in the Roadside Emergency Kits?

By packing the right items in your roadside emergency kit, you will lessen the chances of having to be stuck long in any dangerous situations.

  • One of the essentials for any roadside emergency kit is a flashlight. Even if you don't need to make repairs, the flashlight can be used to flag down or alert drivers your vehicle is disabled.
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A Few Warning Signs of Car Hoses and Belts Failure

The belts and hoses need to be in peak state or the car engine will often give clear warning signs they could be failing. Here are some of those warning signs to consider.

The hoses on your car's engine are crucial for moving coolant from the engine, water pump, to the radiator. Damaged hoses cause leaks and could result in overheating of the engine. 

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Easier Than You Think! – How to Change a Tire Yourself

One of the increasingly frequent questions we get about most models of vehicle here at Volvo Cars Edison is about how difficult it is to change their tires. With how expensive this service is at most auto shops in Edison, NJ, this isn’t at all surprising.

First, find a nice level place to park. Immediately engage your parking brake and shut the engine off. Before beginning, be sure to place emergency warning signals (flares or signs) ten feet behind the vehicle.

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Easy Steps to Jump Starting a Car

If you have a running car and a set of jumper cables, then you are well on your way to being able to quickly jump start another car. Lift up the hood of both vehicles to find where the batteries are located. Connect the two red jumper cables to the positive ends of the battery. The black jumper cables hook up to the negative ends.

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A 3-Step Process to Changing a Flat Tire

If you experience a flat tire wall driving around in Edison, NJ, you need to make sure you know how to change the tire on your own. You don’t want to waste hours on the side of the road, waiting for help to come.

You can take the DIY approach with three easy steps. The first step is to loosen the lug nuts. The second step is to raise your vehicle. 

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