Safety Tips for Avoiding a Tire Blowout

Identifying issues with your car tire tread early enough can lessen the chances of getting a flat tire or blowout on the highway. These are a couple things you'll want to consider.

Your vehicle might have a tire pressure indicator system to tell you if the pressure is off in any or all tires. If not, use a tire gauge to keep a close eye on the pressure in the tires because even a small discrepancy could result in the car tire experiencing a blowout.

Inspecting the treads on all the tires at least weekly will reduce the likelihood of the car tire blowing out. Be on the lookout for cracks in the tread, things stuck in the tire, uneven wear patterns, or bulges anywhere on the tire.

By scheduling your car's tire rotation appointment with Volvo Cars Edison, you'll be less likely to experience a blowout because of issues with the tire treads.

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