What Should be Packed in the Roadside Emergency Kits?

By packing the right items in your roadside emergency kit, you will lessen the chances of having to be stuck long in any dangerous situations.

  • One of the essentials for any roadside emergency kit is a flashlight. Even if you don't need to make repairs, the flashlight can be used to flag down or alert drivers your vehicle is disabled.
  • Keep a set of jumper cables and a gas can in the kit because these are items many drivers don't have in the vehicles. This means you will be able to get fuel or a jump faster.
  • Fix-a-flat is key for getting a car with a flat tire off of the road. These products might seal a small hole long enough to allow you to drive to the nearest service station.

Now that you have your roadside emergency kit packed, visit our service center at Volvo Cars Edison so we can check the car is good working condition for the road.

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