Easier Than You Think! – How to Change a Tire Yourself

One of the increasingly frequent questions we get about most models of vehicle here at Volvo Cars Edison is about how difficult it is to change their tires. With how expensive this service is at most auto shops in Edison, NJ, this isn’t at all surprising.

First, find a nice level place to park. Immediately engage your parking brake and shut the engine off. Before beginning, be sure to place emergency warning signals (flares or signs) ten feet behind the vehicle.

Before jacking up the car, remove the wheel cover if one is present, and loosen the lug nuts enough that twisting them with your fingers will move them.

Next, jack the car up high enough that the wheel can spin. Remove the lug nuts and swap the tires. After lowering the car back to the ground, don’t forget to tighten those lug nuts, or to replace the wheel cover!

Handling this simple task yourself can save a lot of money and mean you’re prepared should you break down far from civilization.

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