A Few Warning Signs of Car Hoses and Belts Failure

The belts and hoses need to be in peak state or the car engine will often give clear warning signs they could be failing. Here are some of those warning signs to consider.

The hoses on your car's engine are crucial for moving coolant from the engine, water pump, to the radiator. Damaged hoses cause leaks and could result in overheating of the engine. Look for hoses with soft spots or cracks in the rubber.

The belts throughout the engine power parts like the fans and water pump. If the belts are damaged, those parts stop working and could damage internal engine parts. Look for cracks or splitting of the belts, or you should be concerned if you hear the belts squeaking while the engine is running.

Stop by Volvo Cars Edison if you suspect issues with the belts or hoses in your car so one of our technicians can take a look.

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