Car Alignment: Do You Need One?

In a wheel alignment, your car’s axles and wheels are adjusted to precise angles according to your vehicle’s manufacturer. The type of alignment you receive ultimately depends on the drive train. If you have a front wheel drive car, then you will likely receive a front-end alignment. Otherwise, you will receive an all-wheel adjustment. The alignment helps your suspension work correctly and ensure that your car’s axles and wheels are moving in the same direction.

Do you know if your wheels need an alignment? If your car’s steering is vibrating or pulling to one direction, then you probably need an alignment. You can also check by briefly taking your hands off the wheel and seeing how quickly your car pulls to one direction. If your car’s suspension is under stress from a poor alignment for too long, it could cause issues for your vehicle and wear on your suspension, leading to more issues.

After the alignment is complete, you will get a printout that shows how your car is adjusted. This should also show images before and after the suspension alignment to see how it was adjusted. You can get your car adjusted quickly in our service center at Volvo Cars Edison located in Edison, NJ.

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