Is Your Transmission Having Trouble?

When your car is running rough, this can be a number of problems. If the gears are sticking, or your car experiences delayed engagement when put into gear, this may mean your transmission needs work. Sometimes a fluid leak is causing the issue, while other times it is a more extensive problem.

Don't drive your vehicle around when it changes gears roughly, hoping the problem will go away. Visit our service center at Volvo Cars Edison and we will take a look at your vehicle to figure out what is wrong.

Transmission fluid could be leaking. If you find a pink or reddish colored fluid on your driveway, this is probably transmission fluid. A small leak can be repaired quickly, and you won't be doing further damage to your transmission by driving around without fluid.

If your car isn't running well, it's time to visit our service center at Volvo Cars Edison to get your car fixed.

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