Getting Familiar with Tire Markings to Understand Purchasing Selection

Are you familiar with the markings on your tires? The tire sidewall markings have very specific meaning. The most significant is the UTQG marking. This sidewall marking is to provide you the assurance that the tire meets the Uniform Tire Quality Grade rating established by the Department of Transportation.

Additionally, you will see markings such as the letter “P” which means a passenger tire. The number immediately following that letter is the section width of the tire indicated in millimeters. The letter “R” indicates that it is a radial tire whereas other letters such as “H, T, V, Z…etc.” indicate the speed rating of the tire. The number just before the speed rating is the wheel size.

Volvo Cars Edison has the knowledgeable staff to help you understand the tire markings even further and of course assist with your tire decisions. Stop by our service center in Edison and we’ll be glad to help you!

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